Fitnetix – one of the best Running Apps for Android

There are a variety of Android apps on the Google Play Store that can help you with your workouts, taking into account the different metrics such as time, speed, duration, pace, elevation, heart rate and more. However, each of them has its drawbacks, many ads that are an integral part of the program, or the monthly subscription you have to pay if you want to use the basic features, without which the app really doesn't make sense. Many of the programs consume too much power and this exhausts your phone's battery very quickly or they aren't very accurate, and the information is not useful.

That's why we decided to create Fitnetix - a completely new and different running app, which, besides being completely free, has no monthly subscription and ads. It works also without the Internet and its interface is so intuitive and simple that makes it suitable even for beginners. The main screen of the workout tracking app can be individually tuned to show up to 4 different indicators - those you need at the time of training.

With GPS, the fitness tracker app helps you with running, cycling, horseback riding, skiing, inline skating and other sports showing you the real-time speed and duration. You can also track the distance, elevation, your heart rate (for which additional hardware is needed) and more. Fitnetix is also used by people for weight loss - so one of the features in the app is to show the calories that are burned during the workout.


  • Reliable and precise determination of the location and speed of movement
  • Shows  the route you've traveled on Google Maps
  • History of all workouts
  • Detailed information about each workout that includes duration, speed, distance, elevation, pace and more
  • Advanced chart with simultaneous visualization of speed, height, and duration
  • Using a Bluetooth connection, this running app can be connected to an external pulse measurement device
  • Possibility to draw and save routes on the map. The saved route can then be easily displayed and followed during next activity. This is especially useful for cyclists, hiking or simply in an unfamiliar area
  • Share the details of your fitness activities with friends and family, via email, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter
  • No registration required - you can train and use the program anonymously
  • All this completely free - without monthly subscription and ads

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