Fitnetix Fitness Tracker

Fitnetix is a free activity tracker app for android, which will help you to stay motivated and reach your workout goals faster by tracking, monitoring and analyzing your personal performance.

App Features & Benefits

Track your activity using GPS and Google Maps, monitor your heart rate via Bluetooth, analyse everything from calories burned to average peace and altitude. The customizable screen shows you all important information of your workout at a glance. All this absolutely free and without advertising.


Track multiple sports, like running, cycling, walking, hiking, skiing and other fitness activities. With GPS, you'll get a clear view of your training in real time.


Record Data in your Diary and monitor your fitness progress. Get a full report about your activity after you finish and analyse your data to maximize results.

Route Planning Made Easy

Fitnetix has a great built-in route planning feature to help you draw and follow routes quickly and easily.

Share with Friends

Share your stats with your friends on your favorite social network and stay motivated with your workouts.

Experience Fitnetix

Fitnetix turns your phone into a personal fitness tracker in your pocket - ideal for running, cycling, skiing, walking and other sport activities.

History of all records

Easily track and analyze your activities and have fun training by sharing your workouts with your friends.

Analyze and Improve

Get full report about your activity after you finish, analyze your workout data and progress to maximize results.

Draw and follow a Route on Google Maps

Our service is completely free and allows you to create, save and follow custom routes.

Statistical analysis of all workouts

Advanced diagram for displaying speed, elevation and distance.


Benny See

Awesome App for running. Easy to use and perfect user interface.

Benedikt Locker

Great I use everyday for my inline skating love it.

Fabian Bendler

This is the best running app I ever used for a workout.


Ready to let this app to be your fitness tracker? Take your first step today, download the free Fitnetix app on your phone and get motivated to stay active.


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